Aura Plus Digital Night Vision Monocular

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  • Superior Technology: Provides superior digital night vision, which is remarkably better quality than traditional night vision. The Aura Plus provides you with a crisp, clear black and white LCD screen that allows you to see in the dark as far as 393 ft - even in the middle of the night.
  • Impressively Functional: Allows you to take pictures and take video either in either broad daylight or in pitch black darkness. You can also use this handy feature for:
    • Conducting surveillance at home (or while camping) while remaining undetected
    • Nighttime hunting and fishing expeditions
    • Navigating a home in the event of home invasion
    • Getting around in the event of an EMP and total blackouts
  • Self-Contained and Compact: Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand (5" x 1.25" x 2.5") and fit in your camping gear or bug out bag with ease. 

Take Pictures, Take Video, & See In The Dark All At Once 

The best night vision monocular on the market because it allows you to take pictures, take video AND see in the dark...all at the same time. This incredible survival tool contains a crisp black and white LCD display - which means no more greenish light or intensifier tubes like traditional night vision has! The monocular's infrared illuminator allows you to see perfectly in pitch-black darkness, and its built-in camera allows you to film live video and take crystal clear pictures, even in the dead of night. Plus it's also super compact, fitting easily in your hand or in its soft carrying case. Bring this monocular with you in your camping gear and/or bug out bag - you're going to want to use it the entire trip.