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Gun Review: Brethren Armament BA 9mm Compact Pistol (MP5K)

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The MP5 was the apex predator of its day. Here on the 50th anniversary of the very first production run military and law enforcement organizations around the globe continue to deploy the gun. That said, the firearms world has moved on. New production versions of the MP5 are stamped on old worn-out machines in various countries with abundant QC issues. Taking a different tack, Brethren Armament set out to resurrect the MP5 in all its glory . . .I’ve reviewed my fair share of MP5 variants. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with an original German MP5K PDW. I’ve reviewed the Turkish Z-5P version. While I haven’t had enough time with the Pakistani POF MP5 to write a full review, we’re well acquainted. And every time I encounter an MP5 from one of these overseas factories, the first thing that I notice is their fit and finish.The original MP5K PDW is a thing of beauty, from the precision and craftsmanship of the welds on the stamped receiver, to the feel of the external coating as you run your finger along the ridges. A proper MP5K finish should feel like a well oiled supermodel — POF’s gun doesn’t feel that way. At all. Zenith’s version comes close. But Brethren’s all-American-made version makes the grade. Read More...