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We love getting reviews and input from our customers. It's even better when we get the videos, especially when they are well done. Here is a customer review video from our friend "NewBobby7" highlighting the Dagger Defense DD22M1 Red Dot Sight. The Dagger Defense DD22M1 Red Dot sight is a tube reflex sight with both red and green dot reticles. It comes in two variations, the DD22M1 with standard hex screw mount and the DD22M1Q with quick detach mount. Both have reticle fade adjustments for various levels of light and mount easily to your rifle or other picatinny capable firearm....

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Thanks again to our new bestie, NewBobby777 for his review of the Dagger Defense DD30M3 red dot sight. Parallax free, in both red and green reticles. It's a sturdy and solid red dot which is easy to mount on standard picatinny rails. A great addition to your AR15, AK or any other rifle platform. Check ou more videos from our friend NewBobby777 and the firearm reviews here...

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