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Black Dagger Military Hunt Club BDMHC I'd like to get the word out about our good friends at Black Dagger Military Hunt Club. A great organization that gets wounded/disabled vets back out doing what they love. Please reach out and support this organization that has done so much for our wounded/disabled vets. Activi ties included shooting (of course), hunting and fishing to name a few. This organization brings people from all over the community and from afar to coordinate great events for our folks who gave so much. Dagger Defense is proud to get the word out, please help us...

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If there is something that benefits our military and involves gear, i'm all about it. Please take a look at to see how these folks are taking care of our service member/veterans. Please take a look and help out by donating your time or dollars! "Special Ops Xcursions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is devoted to making a difference in the Special Operations Forces community. We provide active duty SOF service members with outdoor adventures; hunting, fishing, shooting trap and skeet, archery, and camping. At our events, we seek an atmosphere of relaxation and camaraderie, 1:1 ratio of...

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