Why Own a Suppressor?

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Why Own a Suppressor?

Author: Dagger Defense Some people find it difficult to understand why owning a suppressor ,or “silencer” is necessary as a civilian. I also wondered the same thing but after further reading, it all makes sense.

First of all, let’s focus on the advantage by looking at the name itself, “suppressor”, referring to what it does to the sound. Contrary to the term silencer, because it doesn’t do that. Think of situations as a civilian when you would need to quiet your firearm while in use. Hunters would agree that not having to wear ear protection is a plus. A hunter’s ability to see as well as listen is key when spotting animals. If one had to wear ear protection while listening for game, it would hinder this ability. A suppressor would allow the hunter to not wear ear protection while protecting their hearing.

5.56 Suppressor

Additionally, home defense is an example of why a suppressor is key. If required to shoot an intruder, the suppressed sound would first negate the requirement to find ear protection. This is key because when confronting an intruder every second matters. Second, one must be aware of their surroundings after shots are fired, there may be other intruders, you may need to hear where all individuals are in your home, and overall it is just important to maintain your hearing in a situation like that.

Some other advantages are the ability of a suppressor to reduce muzzle lift and lead reduction in the air. There are other advantages as well, and if readers can think of any more, please feel free to post them.

Remember, suppressors are a class 3 item and require the proper legal paperwork in order to legally own one. Please consult the BATFE or legal counsel before owning one.