Gear Review: SB Tactical Adjustable PSB (By: TTAG)

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Gear Review: SB Tactical Adjustable PSB (By: TTAG)

Original article and photos by: Nick Leghorn (TTAG)

Only a few years ago the SB Tactical arm brace elevated the obscure AR-15 pistol from the level of occasional range toy and oddity to functional and desirable firearm. Thanks to our mercurial friends at the ATF, there was once a question about the legality of these devices, but that has now been satisfactorily resolved.

SB Tactical introduced a new extension to their line last year that not only extended their product line but actually expands the way their braces could be used: the extendable adjustable PSB.

While the original stabilizing brace was a great product, there were some downsides. For one, it was a bit bulky with flared flaps designed to wrap around your arm. It was also fixed in place and couldn’t be adjusted to make the gun more compact if needed. There was definitely room for improvement, and the PSB looks to hit all those marks. Click to read the rest…

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