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A new video from CQM Group highlighting the SLR Rifleworks AK47 Handguard.  Check it out!

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Article by: Brad Manley (Dagger Defense contributing author) 01 October, 2016 By now, we’ve all had the hydration mantra drilled in our heads, and it’s true. For best physical performance and safety in the wild, you need to keep your fluids topped off. A pack with a hydration bladder is probably the most convenient way to carry and access your water. My goto is the Camelback® M.U.L.E. Having used hydration packs for nearly 20 years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a few tricks. Here’s some acquired ‘wisdom’ for using, maintaining, and repairing your hydration bladder. IRAQI NATIONAL POLICE OFFICERS DRINK WATER...

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 set out to do a couple things with this Glock, first, was to see if I could rekindle my like for Glocks which was lost in the mid-1990’s and second, to see if I could customize one below the extreme cost of aftermarket upgrades offered by various companies. My first run-in with Glocks was in the mid-1990’s when I got the Glock 17 (food container box and all).  It looked interesting, as it did not have a traditional hammer like most pistols at the time and it was very easy to disassemble.  Over time, I began to realize it was...

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