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Choosing The Best Handgun For Self DefenseTo begin, there is not a “best handgun” when it comes to an individual. When choosing a handgun for self defense, it boils down to three factors.1. How does the pistol feel in your hand, hence “handgun”2. How well do you shoot the pistol?3. Is it a good quality pistol? If you can satisfy these three factors, then you have discovered the best handgun for yourself. How does the pistol feel in your hand? This is critical, for many reasons, you overall comfort when handling the weapon is key. The size of your hands...

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 set out to do a couple things with this Glock, first, was to see if I could rekindle my like for Glocks which was lost in the mid-1990’s and second, to see if I could customize one below the extreme cost of aftermarket upgrades offered by various companies. My first run-in with Glocks was in the mid-1990’s when I got the Glock 17 (food container box and all).  It looked interesting, as it did not have a traditional hammer like most pistols at the time and it was very easy to disassemble.  Over time, I began to realize it was...

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