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Suppressors, often colloquially known as silencers, are devices attached to the muzzle of firearms to reduce the noise and muzzle flash generated when the gun is fired. Contrary to their portrayal in movies and popular culture, suppressors do not completely silence a gunshot but rather suppress the sound to safer levels. This blog aims to explain the mechanics behind suppressors, their components, and how they achieve their intended effect.

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Author: Nick Leghorn (The Truth About Guns I can’t get enough of HK rifles/carbines.  I love the unique look and that they have set the standard for military style firearms many decades ago.  From the famous MP5 to the HK416, they never seem to upset.  Keeping up with the tradition of awesomeness, the G36 (in many variations), isanother slick battle rifle used by militaries all over the globe, the fortunate ones that is.  Unfortunately, for the civilian, acquiring one is a little more difficult.  The best (but still expensive) option is to locate a used (because they no longer make them)...

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