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Original article and photos by: Nick Leghorn (TTAG)   [ED: In response to reader requests, this is part of a series of posts by TTAG writers revealing their choice of carry guns.] I went to college at Penn State, which was, at the time, ranked the #1 party school in America. I didn’t see much of that unless you count LAN parties. For most people on campus their 21st birthday was marked with a pub crawl, vomiting in public, passing out, and cursing the hangover the next day. For me, I spent my 21st mailing off an application for a C&R license and vising...

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I was introduced to Talon grips by a friend who had one on his Glock 19 carry. I was immediately intrigued by the looks/design and was even more convinced once I had a change to feel the grips in my hand. The best thing about Talon grips is the simplicity. If you read the company’s history on the product development you’ll see that it evolved from grip tape, the same material used in industrial complexes to prevent slips. And for you more adventurous types, you’ll remember them as the grip tape on your skate board. The best part is, the...

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