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One of my personal dislikes of the basic AR15 platform is the fact that they do not have folding stocks.  I am not talking about rifles like the Sig 556 or other variants, I’m talking about true AR15s.  The issue, of course, is the need for the buffer system located in the stock.  Without the buffer system engaged, the life of your AR15 wouldn’t last past the next shot probably. So I did some searching around the web and came across a folding stock adapter for AR15s made by Law Tactical.  According to the company, it’s “The only folding stock...

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Binion Group LLC So Dagger Defense gave me one of the new Ta-Con 3MR Trigger kits the other day to test and evaluate as a contender for some new AR-style rifle builds we are planning.  Admittedly after watching the demo videos on Ta-Con’s website, I was a bit excited to see what this new trigger had to offer out of the box.  While not advertised as a full auto trigger system, the videos do insinuate that it is near full auto, but completely legal.  While it is true that the 3MR is completely legal (they even include a copy of...

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