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The evolution of MREs has been driven by the needs and feedback of soldiers. Continuous improvement processes ensure that the meals meet nutritional standards and are palatable in various conditions. Feedback mechanisms allow for adjustments to menu items and the introduction of new flavors and meal options over time.

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Article by: Brad Manley (Dagger Defense contributing author) 01 October, 2016 By now, we’ve all had the hydration mantra drilled in our heads, and it’s true. For best physical performance and safety in the wild, you need to keep your fluids topped off. A pack with a hydration bladder is probably the most convenient way to carry and access your water. My goto is the Camelback® M.U.L.E. Having used hydration packs for nearly 20 years, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a few tricks. Here’s some acquired ‘wisdom’ for using, maintaining, and repairing your hydration bladder. IRAQI NATIONAL POLICE OFFICERS DRINK WATER...

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