Review: The Heckler and Koch HK G36

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Review: The Heckler and Koch HK G36


Nick Leghorn

(The Truth About Guns

I can’t get enough of HK rifles/carbines.  I love the unique look and that they have set the standard for military style firearms many decades ago.  From the famous MP5 to the HK416, they never seem to upset.  Keeping up with the tradition of awesomeness, the G36 (in many variations), is
another slick battle rifle used by militaries all over the globe, the fortunate ones that is.  Unfortunately, for the civilian, acquiring one is a little more difficult.  The best (but still expensive) option is to locate a used (because they no longer make them) HK SL8 sport rifle.  Once you get a hold of one, if you can, you will basically need to get rid of everything except the receiver and start shopping for parts.

Converting and SL8 is not as easy as converting a USC to a UMP because there is some pretty challenging polymer work that needs to be done in order to convert the SL8 single stack magazine well to a G36 double stack mag well.  This is on top of the myriad of other modifications you need in order to get close to the original military version G36.  My suggestion is to go straight to the most famous G36 magician, Tommy Built Tactical.  I can’t say enough good things about this man’s handy work, professionalism and absolute attention to detail.  You will send him an SL8 and receive back the most awesome polymer battle rifle you have ever clutched.  Bottom line, before you go and sink a ton of cash into converting an SL8, 1) do your research 2) decide which G36 variant you want G36K, G36C (the most difficult to find parts for), etc. 3) go to Tommy Built and send him your SL8 rifle and box of parts 4) behold magic.

I’ve said enough, here’s a review of the HKG36C from “The Truth About Guns” written by Nick Leghorn.

“H&K is the modern day firearms equivalent of Albrecht Durer. There’s little doubt that everything they make is absolutely dead sexy, and as a result there probably wasn’t a single action movie from 1970 through 2000 that didn’t feature their firearms. Their latest and greatest battle rifle developed for the German military is the G36 line, which evolved from the G3 line much the same way that a chicken has evolved from a T-Rex. Some of the changes have definitely been for the better, but is the gun an actual improvement over the rest of the field? . . .

The G36 is a huge honkin’ firearm, but it definitely has its advantages. Joe Grine wrote an excellent review of the American semi-auto version, the SL8, and liked it just fine. The firearm is easy to disassemble, it’s accurate as you want, and reliable to boot. But did I say the gun is huge? It’s damn near the size of an M16.”  READ MORE…

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