Sighting in your reflex sight

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Sighting in your reflex sight

Sighting in a reflex sight requires patience and precision. Here's a basic method:

1. **Mounting**: Ensure your reflex sight is securely mounted on your firearm, aligned properly with the barrel.

2. **Distance**: Choose a suitable distance to zero your sight. Typically, 25 or 50 yards/meters is a good starting point.

3. **Stability**: Use a stable shooting platform, like a bench rest or sandbags, to minimize movement.

4. **Adjustments**: Fire a group of shots, aiming at the bullseye. Note where your shots land in relation to the target.

5. **Windage and Elevation**: Adjust windage (horizontal) and elevation (vertical) knobs on the sight to move your point of impact to the bullseye. Follow your sight's instructions for adjustments.

6. **Re-Test**: Fire another group of shots and repeat adjustments until your shots consistently hit the target center.

7. **Fine-Tuning**: Once you're close, make smaller adjustments to dial in the exact zero.

Remember, every firearm and sight combination is different, so it may take some trial and error to achieve perfect alignment.

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