History Report: Nazi stolen treasures…

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History Report: Nazi stolen treasures…

It is a very well documented time, when the allies began to discover the art works, sculptures and other (some priceless) artifacts taken by the German, Third Reich and stored for their value or later use. There are large numbers of photographs, notes, diary entries and even film footage showing the discoveries. Usually in old mine shafts or


quarries in the Alps. Some works were intended to be sold to provide money for fleeing war criminals, others suggest that perhaps they wanted to keep the goods for a “Fourth Reich”. Another, and a true reason, was that Adolf Hitler himself wanted to build a Führer Museum, that would dwarf other museums and showcase the glory of his reign. Here, he would hang the paintings, stand the sculptures, show off the maps of their territories or whatever else. The artworks were to be stored partially for the completion of the museum. However there are many theories and no one surely knows the entire truth as to why so many were stored and hidden rather than being just abandoned, apart from their value.
I’ve posted extensively about the art and the gold stolen by the Nazi’s. I keep up to it, because the photos show how much was lost. There are countless famous artefacts lost from that time still that were taken from their original owners by the Nazi’s. Later on today, I’ll post about Lake Toplitz, an infamous place to treasure hunters of the Nazi secret gold.

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