Smart Phone Awareness!

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Smart Phone Awareness!

Protect Yourself With Awareness

I have 2 kids, and my daughter is at an age where her nose is always in her phone. As a Dad, Martial Artist, and the one responsible for my family’s welfare and safety this behavior is a real cause of stress. Which brings me to a topic I would like to talk about with you, your thoughts and feedback are appreciated.
My concern is for her safety, for her protection, especially at times when I am not around to ensure it. Don’t get me wrong, she can throw a punch, and land a knockout. I have made sure of that. But no one will do well in a threatening situation if they don’t know a threat exists.
This new generation of millennials which has grown up with technology attached, is at a huge disadvantage from a safety perspective.
Statistically, physical crime and attacks of all sorts are done when the victim is unaware of what is about to happen. Like I say, the weak ALWAYS prey on the weaker. This makes the smartphone the biggest “anti-weapon” ever made. For all the convenience, and advantages this thing, that is attached to my hip provides, it sure can screw us up. Which brings me back to my daughter.
She will often walk and text, email, snapchat, FB, Google, or Instagram at the same time. This drives my wife and I nuts. Just the other day she was texting and walking in the house, and stubbed her toe on the couch corner. Slightly humorous in a slapstick kinda way until she kicks the couch.
I wondered why she did not kick the phone. Afterall, if a friend covered your eyes while driving and you sideswipe a guardrail, I am sure that friendship needs reevaluation, and that friend would deserve a good ass whoopin followed by a bill.
My point is, as she becomes this functioning young lady, distracted by her phone, her safety becomes nonexistent while holding that phone.
For sure I need to do a better job of teaching her to have her wits about her when out and about. This means a few rules to live by.
1. The phone is not to be used when walking.
2. When out and about, heads up, chin up. If danger knows you see it, it is less of a danger.
3 When walking, the phone belongs in your purse or pocket, your keys belong in your knuckles.
4 Travel in groups, and if that is not possible call your Mom/Dad.
5 Plan ahead, my daughter should never be stranded last minute because plans were not made.
As I have this conversation with my daughter I hope that it will resonate with you. Because being distracted is the fastest way to find danger.
Protect Yourself With Awareness

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